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Born to travel!

I was three months old when my parents hit the road. (Or so they tell me. I really don’t remember.) It was the 70s and Dad was a traveling preacher called an evangelist. He and mom started out with a newborn baby in a Toronado Oldsmobile. They eventually upgraded to a 22-foot Winnebago motorhome and then a 24-foot Santa Fe trailer. We traveled across the United States for three years until they settled in Virginia. But even then, they kept traveling.

No wonder my feet itch.

I’ve taught school in Botswana. Driven on the left side of a rain-slicked Scottish road. Twirled in front of Mr. Darcy’s Pemberly (the Colin Firth version).

Visited Prince Edward Island for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables. And been serenaded by an opera singer on a European river cruise. (I don’t mean in the audience. He took me from my seat, wrapped his arms around me, and let the crescendos fly.)

So many beautiful destinations. Too many to mention in one post: Israel, Germany, Italy, Austria, South Korea.

I’m also an author and my latest book is called Lone Star Sweetheart. It seems fitting that I spend the summer exploring some fascinating new spots in Texas.

Learning about the history of places and trying crazy new dishes makes the journey more interesting. The most unique thing I remember eating is Mopani worm in Zambia. (It tasted like crunchy dirt.) I’ve picked up a few funny stories and travel tips along the way, and I plan to add more. But it’s better to travel with friends. Would you like to join me?

Let’s grab the suitcases!

WEIRD TRAVEL TIP: Always pack a few plastic grocery bags. They take up almost no space, and you can use them for dirty clothes or if something happens to get wet.